The second (and final) grouping: statues from the right side of the walkway.

10. Culapanthaka Thera. Culapanthaka was skilled in liberation from mind. He was born a dull person, could not even recite one verse of the teaching He got rid of the impurities of lust and other defilements and attained arahantship after wiping his face with a piece of cloth.

11. Mahakotthita Thera. Mahakotthita ranked the foremost in the logical analysis. Being born in a rich family, after hearing the Buddha’s sermon he was ordained to be a bhikkhu (monk). He who often explained the Dhamma appeared in many sutras.

12. Mahakappina Thera. The Buddha declared Mahakappina was the ablest in admonishing monks. He was a king prior to set out to seek the Buddha’s teaching. He who was older than the Buddha often dwelled in the bliss of jhana, and was skillful to instruct others by his preaching.

13. Kaludayi Thera. Kaludayi was declared pre-eminent among those who gladdened the clans. Being the Buddha’s former playmate he requested the father of the Buddha, King Suddhodana’s invitation of the Buddha back to his home country.

14. Nanda Thera. Nanda, a half brother of the Buddha, was pre-eminent for subduring the five senses. Upon hearing the teaching of the Buddha first he practiced for being with nymphs in heaven but later renounces his desires and attained arahantship.

15. Sariputta Thera. Sariputta, one of the two chief disciples of the Buddha was foremost in wisdom. He not only excelled in comprehending the Dhamma, but also in expounding it. He was called “General of the Dhamma” by the Buddha and greatly contributed to the Abhidhamma

16. Moggallana Thera. Moggallana was one of the two chief disciples of the Buddha, along was foremost in supernatural power. He was well known for his ability to use his power of mind reading to provide proper advice to his students. Moggallana along with Sariputta were declared to be the ideal disciples.

17. Mahakaccana Thera. Mahakaccana, a sone of a highly respected chaplain was praised by the Buddha as the master of doctrinal exposition. By the end of hearing a sermon given by the Buddha he attained arahantship.

18. Kondanna Thera. Kondanna, the first arahant, once was a renowned royal scholar who unequivocally predicted upon the birth of Prince Siddhartha that the prince would become an enlightened Buddha. he was the first to comprehend the Dhamma in the first sermon.

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