Light Patterns.

Another year has whizzed by and it’s time to post some of my favorite pictures from 2016 – black and white first. Like last year I’m presenting my ten favorites – in no particular order.

At this point last year I said:

I’ve been trying to find a focus for my photography, which at the moment is all over the place. I had thought that my primary interest was in old buildings. However, in looking at my favorites I was surprised to discover that none of them (black and white or color) contain old buildings. While I’ve taken lots of pictures of old buildings over the year it seems that I don’t consider any of them to be favorites. Just for curiosity I looked back at 2014 favorites and found that the same was true in 2014: pretty much no buildings. Go figure!

The same is pretty much true this year too: A few abstracts; a couple of wildlife pictures; a couple of ‘people’ pictures; a still life; a landscape of sorts. No sign of a focus emerging.

Maybe I’m just interested in a lot of different things rather than being passionate about a single subject.

Bird in a Tree.


Altar. In Chapel of our Lady Restoration. Restored chapel in Cold Spring, NY

Still life with lilacs.



Self portrait with trash pile

Make America Great Again

Abstract composition.

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