A few additional tombs, which caught my eye. As I mentioned in earlier posts I barely scratched the surface of Kensico Cemetery.

The only other thing that these have in common is that I was unable to find any information related to them.

The picture above is the Bell Mausoleum. The Kensico Cemetery site describes it as the largest in the cemetery so I was somewhat surprised that I could find no additional information about it or its resident. Yes, I found lots of ‘Bell’ graves, but none of the descriptions seemed to relate to this impressive building.

A typical classical revival/neo-classical mausoleum. There seemed to be a lot in this style. It looks a lot like the better known ‘Manville Mausoleum‘, but less decorated (e.g. Ionic columns rather than Corinthian; plainer side)

Another classical revival structure – with obelisks in the background. The other side bears the name ‘Scott’.

More obelisks. Large obelisks, Small mausoleum.

I loved the shape and decoration of this one, but I haven’t a clue who Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Schwitters was.

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