A plaque at the base reads: “‘Big Sky’. Al Landzberg. Donated to Yorktown, 7/10/1”. Mr. Landzberg

According to the International Sculpture Center:

Beverly Russell in Sculpture Magazine, October 1998: “Landzberg’s work suggests, without resolving the question of progress, a process that may lead us to the edge of a precipice or toward the dawn of a new era of unprecedented invention. By welding sheets of steel into monumental pieces of sculpture, he explores the mystical depths of creation, striving to unite earth and water with the air and eternity of the cosmos”.

Vivien Raynor in The New York Times, April 12,1998: “…Landzberg uses industrial materials as befits a member of the David Smith ‘school’, but his inspiration is nature…”


Mr. Landzberg lives in Yorktown Heights and his website can be found here. “Big Sky” is part of his “Trees” series, which he describes as follows:

My recent work consists of a series of tree sculptures. The series is about my interest in form, light, and the role of trees in our culture. The ambiguity in showing live, growing organisms by means of hard, unyielding metals produces a challenge that drives my work

On “Big Sky” specifically he adds:

“Big Sky”, shown in my studio, also suggests, in a much larger and more complex work, a tree-like form that is both rooted and reaching. This work’s myriad surfaces, perhaps like foliage, create a new, evocative sky-earth view: moving clouds, distant horizon, and refracting sunlight. This form’s size suggests that it has experienced the timelessness of many sunrises and sunsets.

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