Richard Pousette-dart by Saul Leiter

Source: Richard Pousette-Dart | The Art of Photography

I had never heard of Pousette-Dart until I came across the video below on Ted Forbes fascinating “Art of Photography” website (I’ve already posted about his site in The Art of Photography). He also has a fairly long article on Pousette-Dart on the same site.

Pousette-Dart seems to be better known as a painter, a member of the famous “New York School” of Abstract Expressionism, which included Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg. However, he was also a well-known photographer (and close friend of Saul Leiter).

I quite like some of his photographs, particularly the portraits, which remind me a little of Julia Margaret Cameron and the multiple exposures are also interesting. I surprised to find that, with the exception of the multiple exposures, his photographs are quite representational where his paintings certainly aren’t.

I noticed a brief statement in the Wikipedia article: “He attended the Scarborough School“, which is just down the road from our house in Briarcliff Manor.

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