A nearby sign reads

Christine Corday
Weathering Steel

The Hudson River is a fjord that was carved by ancient ice flows, and moves both north and south. This is abstracted by a circular band that is held in tension by two directional plates, separated by an inch of air. It represents a continuous carving of time and space, just as the ice flow did millennia before. The weathered Cor-ten steel is reminiscent of Peekskill’s historic iron foundries. “Fjorward” phonetically echoes the natural history of the site, but also symbolizes human progress as people move through the sculpture – one visitor at a time.


According to Wikipedia:

Christine Corday (born in 1970, Laurel, Maryland) is an American painter and sculptor. Her work draws from earlier studies in astronomy, cultural anthropology, chemistry, and sensory perception science. Corday’s artistic approach consist of manipulation of matter into different states, producing massive sculptures that viewers are meant to experience through touch, leaving memories on the surface of her work. Her works are found in private international collections: Paris, Madrid, Dublin, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Miguel de Allende, Dubai, Brussels, Washington DC, and New York City. With Corday’s first solo exhibition: PROTOIST SERIES: SELECTED FORMS, presented at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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