This statue stands just outside the zoo in Central Park, New York City. According to the Central Park Conservancy web site:

This whimsical bronze is in a niche that flanks the triple-archway that supports the Delacorte Musical Clock between the Central Park Zoo and the Children’s Zoo. The Dancing Goat is the bear’s counterpart on the southern side if the Zoo.

Cast at Roman Bronze Works in Brooklyn and installed in 1937, both sculptures are decorative fountains. Water sprays from five small frogs at the feet of the bear, and from five small ducks from the feet of the goat. Created by renowned animal sculptor and Brooklyn native Frederick George Richard Roth, the lighthearted pieces are among several Roth works he did for Central Park in the 1920s and 1930s. (Among them is Balto, the statue of the legendary Alaskan husky).

Central Park Conservancy restored the sculptures in 1993, and today Roth’s pieces continue to delight Park and zoo visitors of all ages.

Sadly I missed the ‘Dancing Goat Statue‘.

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3

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