After lunch at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, my wife went shopping with our friend and I decided to go back home. So I walked back to Grand Central Terminal and on my way passed Trump Tower. From what I’d heard the the security would be terrible, but I was surprised that it wasn’t really that bad. There we a couple New York City policemen in front of the entrance – in full armor and bristling with weapons. They seemed to be very pleasant, however, even posing for pictures with tourists. It was a hot day and my feet were hurting (unfamiliar shoes) and I didn’t go inside. I wanted to take a picture of something though – just to commemorate the occasion. Finally I spotted this plaque on the side of the entrance. It’s not all that big – maybe a couple of feet tall, but the name ‘Trump’ appears no less than seven times, in bright gold letters.

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