I’d never noticed this RV park before. Maybe I’d just not walked by this particular part of the park, or maybe I’d just been there at the wrong time of year. I’m not sure how I feel about it. While people should certainly have the right to visit such pleasant places, I can’t help but feel that these huge vehicles distract from the picturesque nature of the place. They’re certainly not the most attractive things I’ve ever seen. But then again it’s pretty easy to avoid seeing them. There are many places in the park where you’d never even know they existed.

It seems that I’m not the only person to have concerns though, particularly since some of the RV owners are living the park year round. According to a 2015 article in the Journal News entitled: Croton Point RV park riles conservationists:

A growing number of conservationists, however, have raised questions about year-round living in the 500-acre park, which is a destination for bird watchers, dog walkers, model-airplane aficionados and folk-music enthusiasts.

Tom Andersen, who chairs the Pound Ridge Open Space Advisory Committee, was disturbed this fall when he saw the RV colony at Croton Point, and suggested Tax Watch investigate. After reading last week’s column, Andersen, who negotiated major Westchester open-space acquisitions as project director at the Westchester Land Trust, said the county had turned the park into a money-making housing operation.

“The park is supposed to be a place for recreation, not a trailer park,” said Andersen. “It’s nice the RV owners are paying, and it’s nice the county is doing a favor for people living there. But you can’t live in a park. That’s not consistent with park use. A park is for people to camp for weekends, or weeks. But it’s not for people to move in.

I have to say that I agree.

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