The plaque above is attached to a boulder not far from the Pavilion. It reads: “Commemorating the defense of Teller’s Point by George, Sherwood and Jack Peterson who repulsed the landing of British troops from the “Vulture” September 21, 1780, thus aiding in the Capture of Major Andre.” (Note: Croton Point was once known as Teller’s Point, however nowadays Tellers Point refers to the southernmost tip of Croton Point). I’ve documented the story of Benedict Arnold, Major Andre, HMS Vulture and the attempt by Arnold to sell out West Point to the British in few earlier posts:

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. has a page providing a short history of Croton Point. It describes the Revolutionary War period as follows:

It is not surprising that this prominent site played a role in the American War for Independence. Although several military actions took place here, many involving invasions by the British, the most notorious was connected with the attempted betrayal of West Point by Benedict Arnold and the capture of his British confederate, Major John Andre. Andre had conspired to meet with Arnold on board the British frigate, Vulture, which had anchored off the western end of Teller’s Point in September of 1780. Fearing for his safety, Arnold sent word for Andre to meet him on the western shore of the Hudson River at Haverstraw. While they were meeting on the opposite side of the river, American militiamen on Verplanck’s Point (Note. I think this reference is an error. It should read Teller’s Point not Verplanck’s point. Verplanck’s point is about 10 miles north of Teller’s Point. If HMS Vulture was off Teller’s Point it’s impossible that a “small cannon” could have fired on her from Verplanck’s Point) fired upon the Vulture with a small cannon, forcing her to move downstream. Major Andre, separated from his means of escape, crossed the river at King’s Crossing, Verplanck, clad in an American uniform and carrying a pass stating he was on official business for General Arnold. He was captured in Tarrytown and subsequently hung as a spy. The cannon that fired upon the Vulture is on display at the Peekskill Museum.

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