When we were living in Geneva, Carouge was (perhaps along with the Geneva Old Town) one of my favorite places. It has a completely different feel to the rest of Geneva as explained on the Geneva.info site:

Right over river l’Arve lays the town of Carouge, a Mediterranean style hamlet modelled after Nice. This former trading town is now commonly referred to as the “Greenwich Village of Geneva” for its many boutiques and studios where artisans and craftsmen of every ilk can be observed plying their trade. The bohemian vibe carries on into the night with a plethora of cafes, jazz bars and nightclubs.

District of Carouge, which used to be a separated town (alternatively French and Sardinian) until 1816, is now a city district of Geneva, known mainly for its old town – “Le Vieux Carouge”, with it’s specific old French-Italian architecture.

Carouge is beautiful like Italy, many locals would introduce Carouge to You as a “small Italy”. It is one of those areas which immediately stands out from all the rest, absolutely incomparable to the rest of the city. In fact, Carouge’s unique architecture is an expression of its Sardinian heritage, a pattern of magnificent historical streets with warm and cosy cafes, bistros and antique shops.

For those interested in history (as I am) the ‘Living in Geneva Site‘ offers an informative five part series:

Above a tram passes through the old part of Carouge.

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