We’d been walking around for a while. I was hot, tired and my feet were hurting. So I decided to stop for a beer (or two). Luckily most Geneva cafés allow dogs. My chosen destination was the Café du Rondeau (Roundabout Café), which is located directly opposite the Reunification Statue.

It was quite full and I got the definite impression that the people there were regulars. They all seemed to know each other, and the Café staff seemed know the customers well. It was a very warm and friendly place.

While preparing this post I came across this quote from a review on TripAdvisor (see Well Worth A Go…): “the clientèle is colourful to say the least, and the patronne herself is worth the journey (I will say no more on that subject, for without seeing for yourself, words fail…).” I can only agree.

Go Players.

A few of the customers. I think she may have noticed me taking the picture.

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