Opposite DeCicco Market in Jefferson Valley there’s a small strip mall. One day, while my wife was taking her dance class at nearby Club Fit I took the dog for a walk and came across this American Flag.

What first struck me was its size. It covers most of the rear of this store. Then I thought about its very existence. Why was it there? It’s on the rear of the store and you can’t see it from anywhere else. I can’t imagine that many people walk behind the store (as I did). Finally I started to get the feeling that there was something wrong about it and I eventually figured out what: it’s the stars. It almost seems as if there were two people doing the stars, one working from the left and one from the right. When they got to the middle they discovered that they didn’t have enough room for the remaining stars and so they bunched them up in the middle.

Taken with the only camera I had with me: an iphone 5s

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