In an earlier post (See: Geneva – Mont Salève, Views from on top) you may have noticed that the signpost is labeled “Panorama de l’Observatoire” (Observatory Panorama). I found this odd because there isn’t actually an observatory – just a microwave tower. Oh, and this restaurant called the “Café de l’Observatoire“. Maybe the surrounding area is named after this café?

We had a very nice (and filling) lunch here, in somewhat unassuming but pleasant surroundings. There’s a great view from the terrace, but unfortunately all the tables were taken so we had to eat inside. As I recall I had diots, a sausage from the French region of Savoy (La Savoie) which comes in several varieties. Wikipedia describes them as:

Some diots are eaten cooked, (grilled, boiled or in the traditional manner, with white wine) while some are dried. They may be eaten both cold and hot. When eaten hot they are usually served with boiled potatoes or polenta. When eaten cold they are generally covered with spicy mustard (preferably from Dijon), or they are placed in sandwiches or salads.

I love a good sausage.

And yes, I know the sign in the picture looks blurred, but actually it isn’t. It’s just the way it’s built.

Taken with a Sony RX100 M3

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