According to the French version of Wikipedia (Translation from the original French):

The park, as well as the property therein, was bequeathed to the City of Geneva by Alice Noerbel, the widow of Alfred Bertrand, representative of a large Geneve family in 1933 (for a part) and then in 1940 ( for the rest).

In the park there is a paddling pool about 30 centimeters deep for children, a park for dogs, a soccer field, a slide space, a tennis wall, a pond, a small waterfall, a stream, a Japanese Garden, toilets and a bodybuilding space inaugurated in 2015

On the edge of the park is the Bertrand school (the former estate of the Bertrand family). This former primary school was transformed in 2004 into an early childhood centre, the former pupils and teachers being transferred to the surrounding schools of Contamines, Peschier and Crêts-de-Champel.

We went for a picnic in the park and spent a pleasant afternoon there while the kids took advantage of the facilities.

The above statue is called “Les Petites Amies”. It’s by Ursula Malbine and is dated 1956. We’d visited this park when I was last in Geneva in 2010. At that time I took some pictures of the same statue, but wasn’t at all satisfied with them. Most of the 2010 shots were close ups of the two heads. I much prefer this wider view and the inclusion of the real children playing with/around the two children in the statue.

We took our dog, Harley to the dog park. After he got over the initial surprise (shock might be a better word) of numerous dogs (some quite large) rushing at him from all angles, he seemed to enjoy the interaction.

Taken with a Sony RX100 M3.

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