This my friend Gustavo. We’d arranged to meet at 3 Westerley (See: Sunset Drinks at 3 Westerley and Sunset Drinks at 3 Westerley part II) for drinks and a meal.

For a variety of reasons I don’t take many pictures of people. And I don’t usually like using on camera flash, or for that matter any kind of flash – mostly because I’m largely inept in terms of flash photography. However, on this occasion I’d been talking to Gustavo about why I still use film cameras and I suddenly had the urge to take his picture with a film camera. It was too dark to do anything but use the flash, so contrary to my usual usage I didn’t turn it off and just took the picture with the flash on.

In my opinion it came out remarkably well, without the harshness and extreme contrast that you usually find with on camera flash.

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