This building stands at the intersection of Rue de la Fontaine and Rue Verdaine. When I took the picture I didn’t know what it was. I just liked the way it looked: the old building with its two trees, ornate wrought iron gate and fence. When I got back home and examined the photograph more closely I noticed that there was lettering on the two pillars on either side of the gate. The English version (the other one was in German) read “Evangelical Lutheran Church of Geneva“.

After a bit of research I came across this History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Geneva – an overview. I found this sentence to be particularly interesting:

1762. With the help of donations from German principalities, the congregation acquires the dilapidated Château de Coudré; tears down the building (maintaining the original basement and foundation); and constructs the new church building (which, according to the regulations may not be recognisable as a church)

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