Although White Pond is quite close to our house, I wasn’t aware of its existence until yesterday.

The walk starts by a small jetty (see above). As we passed by someone was fishing.

Before the trail enters the woods there are some great views of the pond.

After a while the trail goes away from the lake and into the woods. Where it once had been flat and clear it now becomes rocky, with abundant roots. This is bad news for me as I have a history of tripping over roots and rocks. In one case I managed to split open my nose and break my glasses. I had to make sure to lift my feet higher than I normally do to avoid them. Because of the recent rain the rocks were also rather slippery. If that wasn’t enough it’s the time of year when acorns start to fall. There was a constant “rain” of acorns during our walk. I kept thinking that one of them would fall on my head, but luckily none did.

The trail doesn’t seem to be well maintained. A lot of trees had fallen across it and they haven’t been cleared away. Some you could go around, some you just had to climb over.

The inevitable stone walls that you find everywhere in the woods around here.

The equally inevitable boulders.

The trail winds around the pond and ends on a road. After I’d finished walking I went along the road. I don’t think I’d recommend walking on it, particularly if you have a dog or small children.

We didn’t actually get to the end of the trail. We came across one large downed tree too many. It was too big to climb over, and I couldn’t any easy way around it. We’d walked for about 45 minutes and it seemed as good a time as any to turn around and retrace out steps.

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3

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