Last year we were invited to a New Years Eve party. Our friends have a large property where they grow vegetables and raise a variety of animals including chickens and ducks. I was finding it a little warm inside the house so I stepped outside to get a breath of fresh air. It was dark and a bit chilly (it was New Year’s Eve after all) and I noticed a warm glow in the window of a shed. I later discovered that the shed is where the chickens were kept and the light was to keep them warm.

I looked for something in the foreground and found this wheelbarrow. Unfortunately I only had my iphone with me, but beggars can’t be choosers and I decided to take a picture.

It’s not much of a picture, soft, grainy, dark, strange colors etc. and at first I rejected it. However, something kept drawing me back to it: maybe it’s just the overall mood, dark and a little foreboding. Why is the wheelbarrow there? Why is there a light in the shed? What’s in the dark area in the background? Is somebody/something there watching?

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I’ve grown to like this technically very flawed picture.

Taken with an iphone 5s.

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