It was seeing a photograph of this memorial on the internet that led me to come to Lasdon to take a look at it.

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Next to the Eight Nurses Memorial proudly stand three powerful figures dedicated to all of the veterans of the Vietnam War. This memorial, created by sculptor Julia Cohen, stands as a moving and heavily emotional testament to the tragedy and sacrifice that soldiers face, both past and present. The monument features a female nurse, the first Vietnam monument to feature a woman. The area in front of the monument is used for memorial ceremonies done by the Vietnam Veterans of America chapter 49. Each of the 5,900 stones that make up the path represents 10 servicemen killed during the war, which surround a black obelisk featuring 217 names of natives of Westchester County that were killed serving in Vietnam and the surrounding countries. The statues are just slightly larger than life – two servicemen, one carrying his wounded comrade to the arms of the waiting nurse. The 3,000 pound figures are standing on a granite stone surface, and both the nurse and the servicemen are anchored to the stone, in many ways symbolizing the solid loyalty and devotion that these service men and women had towards one another.

A page on the Westchester County, NY Vietnam Veterans Memorial provides additional information.

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