Taken during a visit to Staatsburgh State Historic Site in September, 2016.

Although I didn’t do it consciously, looking at these pictures now I realize that I was, once again, trying to emulate the beautiful pictures of my photographic hero: Eugène Atget. Somehow, however, I can’t get it. His photographs are for the most part quite simple. It seems as though anyone should be able to emulate them – but you can’t (or at least I can’t) and I can’t quite figure our why. It’s certainly not his gear, which was obsolete at the time he was using it (although any large format camera will produce a ‘look’, which is completely different from the one I get using a much smaller format). I think it must be an innate understanding of composition that I lack.

Take with a Sony NEX 5N and Sigma, 30mm f2.8.

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