In the preceding post (see Deer in the Meadow) I mentioned a strong coastal storm that impacted our areas a week or so ago. Unfortunately, it was followed by another strong coastal storm (or ‘Nor’Easter’ as they are often referred to around here) only five days later.

Strangely we didn’t have much (I’d estimate 6-7 inches) snow in Briarcliff Manor, and the winds weren’t all that strong, but two small(ish) trees came down and a few branches. None of them hit the house though. Much more snow (about 1.5-2 feet) fell at the lake, but once again there was no damage – not even fallen tree limbs.

In the first storm power went out in both the Briarcliff House and the lake house. It came back quickly (just over a day later) in Briarcliff, but it took just about a week for it to come back at the lake. When it did finally came back there cable/internet came back with it, while in Briarcliff were were still waiting for it a week later.

Taken from our front door in Briarcliff Manor with an iphone 6s.

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