We had to go up to Brewster yesterday and while we already knew a couple of restaurants near our destination (The Arch and Clocktower Grill) we’d thought we’d go somewhere we hadn’t yet tried and settled on Las Mañanitas, a restaurant we’d heard of but never visited.

It’s a fairly large restaurant with a nice atmosphere (including a roaring fire) and good, inexpensive food (at least for lunch). However, what was most striking was the restaurant’s location. It’s up high with spectacular views of the East Branch Reservoir. The restaurant sits in extensive grounds, which I’m sure are covered with outdoor seating in warmer weather. It would be nice to come back when its warm, the sun is up, the leaves are on the trees and you can just sit sipping beer and/or margaritas while enjoying the view.

Mexican statues are scattered around the property.

Detail of a saddle on a full size horse statue in the entrance.

Another statue in the entrance.

View of East Branch Reservoir.

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