This restaurant in located right in the center of Rhinebeck, NY. It’s looks like a church, because once upon a time that’s what it was. According to the restaurant’s website:

Our restaurant is housed in a historic, renovated church building, formerly the First Baptist church of Rhinebeck, constructed circa 1825. The building’s soaring cathedral ceilings and windows offer a unique place for gathering in Rhinebeck.

In 1794, a man named Robert Scott, a cabinet maker and English Wesleyan, sailed to New York City from England. In 1795, persuaded by Margaret Beekman, he and his wife moved to Rhinebeck to open a school. He soon became a Baptist and worship was held in various houses in Rhinebeck Flats, as it was then called.

In 1824, land was donated by Mrs. Janet Montgomery, widow of General Montgomery, to build the first Baptist Church of Rhinebeck. The original church was finished in 1825, and now houses our formal dining room. The two doors which lead into the kitchen were the original entrances, one for women and the other for men. The Pulpit was where the large wooden arches still stand. An addition was added on in 1905, from money donated by Senator William Kelly, which now houses our bistro.

Two restaurants occupied the building prior to Chef Kroner purchasing it in 2003, when he completely renovated the space and moved Terrapin from its original location in West Hurley, NY.

This picture presented a bit of a dilemma. A lot of wires criss cross the frame. I find them distracting, but despite my best efforts I was unable to find an angle which didn’t show them. I could get a lot closer, but then I would be focusing on details and wouldn’t be able to get the view I wanted. Or I could try to remove them in post processing. I don’t usually mind removing a small distracting element, but this seemed a bit much. What if at some point in the future someone came across this image and thought that at the time it was taken there were no wires along Route 9 in Rhinebeck? In the end I decided to leave them in – probably because I’m lazy and it would be just too much trouble to try to take them all out.

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3.

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