Sea Change by Ed Benavente. Steel, 2013 stands at 276 Main Street, right outside where we’d decided to have lunch. In a comment on another of his works (Getting Somewhere, 2013, 380 Main Street also in Beacon) he states:

“My work is about progress. The reason I always include my original and current body weights in my bio is to reflect the progress and changes in my personal life history. The fluctuations have been many as have the reasons. Gravity is a universal force affecting all. We share that and other common threads that can be defined as truth, philosophy, religion, food, love, hate or any number of things which are common to all but different to each. Every figure, color and shape I use is meant to convey a story to be interpreted by the viewer and impart some reflection on the meaning of life. Some messages are more purposeful than others. Often times the message changes with the passage of time and life experience. The same goes for body weight.

Since moving to Beacon, New York in 2006, most of my time and attention has been dedicated to community building in our new home. Our small town has a rich history and like many of its kind fell onto hard times over the years. I am proud to be a part of the growing artistic community that has helped to encourage new life and optimism to the area. Art alone will not solve the problems of the work but together we are Getting Somewhere.”

Taken with a Sony A77II and Tamron A18 AF 18-250mm f3.5-6.3.

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