The tour group listens.

This was the second time I’d gone on this tour. Shortly before the first time I’d been to a presentation on Bannerman’s Island at our local library. So I was fairly well steeped in Bannerman lore and history. And that’s where a problem arises.

The full tour takes about two and a half hours, but of course about an our of that is spent on the boat leaving about an hour and a half on the island.

Unfortunately the island isn’t all that large. The larger buildings are unsafe and you can’t go inside and, until recently, the residence was not open. Now it is, but it’s still rather small and it doesn’t take much time to see it. So inevitably you spend a lot of time sitting/standing around listening to the guide. He was informative enough and had a good delivery, but I already knew just about everything that he mentioned.

The tour guide.

A member of the group. Is it me or does he already look a little bored?

Taken with a Sony A77II and Tamron A18 AF 18-250mm f3.5-6.3.

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