We went into New York City the other day to have lunch with old friends at Bluefin, which is situated right on Father Duffy Square.

As we approached the restaurant we noticed this large, wooden (Is it made of wood? I’m not sure) statue that we’d not seen before.

According to Timeout it’s by artist Mel Chin:

Climate change and New York City’s maritime history are the intertwined themes in this pair of public art projects. In Wake, a 21-foot-tall animatronic female sculpture (a replica of the figurehead the once graced the prow of the 19th-century clipper ship, USS Nightingale—which, during its lifetime, included guns and slaves as part of the manifest) presides over an installation of wooden ribs that evoke a shipwreck or the skeleton of a sea creature. Meanwhile, in a nearby pavilion, Unmoored invites visitors to don VR goggles and view Times Square as it would appear after rising sea levels transform it into a midtown version of Waterworld.

For additional information on what’s quite a complex installation see: Artist Mel Chin Floods Times Square With Virtual Reality Art to Sound the Alarm on Climate Change

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3.

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