I was unable to discover much about the history of this church other than this short section in “History of Mount Kisco” by E Clarence Hyatt, 1893.

Father McGean of Sing Sing was the first Catholic priest to conduct services in Mount Kisco. This was in 1861. The nearest Roman Catholic church was at Croton Falls. It was a long distance for members of this society at Mount Kisco to go in attending their own church. Efforts were consequently made to have a church of their own at Mount Kisco, and a church was accordingly built in 1862 at the junction of Main and Green streets, costing about $2,500, and and in 1872 a parsonage was built costing about $3,500.

The church was burned on the night of Nov. 29th, 1886, and in the following year a larger and handsomer edifice was erected on the same site, and dedicated February 19th, 1888.

The church has a seating capacity of two-hundred and twenty, and a membership of two-hundred and fifty. The first pastor was Father McClellan of Sing Sing. The first resident pastor was Father Brennan. The pastors succeeding him were : — Father Henry Father Newman; “McCauley” Conroy; “Gregg” Wall

Taken with an Olympus Stylus Epic/Mju II and Kodak Tri-X 400.

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