At least according to an inscription on the base:

Sept. 21, 1780. John Jacob Peterson of African descent and Moses Sherwood of Van Cortlandt’s 3rd West Militia took it to Croton Point and fired on the ‘Vulture‘ causing it to abandon Major Andre, the British Spy who was captured trying to escape through American territory. 1952 presented to Peekskill Museum by Paul I. Bleakley.

This, of course, foiled Benedict Arnold‘s plan to sell out West Point (Then a major fortification overlooking the Hudson and now the US Miliary Academy) to the British. Had this occurred the British might have been able to control the Hudson River and split the New England Colonies from the Southern Colonies. Had this happened the outcome of the Revolutionary War might have been different (although I doubt it).

In the background the Peekskill Museum, which according to its website:

…is a community supported cultural organization. Begun in 1946 with the acquisition of the former Herrick family home of 1878, this house-museum has been offering various exhibits and programs since 1976.

Our primary focus is local history. People, events and objects of past times in Peekskill and Cortlandt are highlighted at Peekskill Museum in several ways.

We offer seven large display rooms. We provide examples of previous industrial activities in finely cast iron cooking and heating stoves. We have remainders of the former Standard Brands and Fleischmann Company products. The former Peekskill Chemical Company was forerunner of Binney and Smith Company that now markets Crayola brand products.

Another exhibit room contains seven large historic maps. Our children’s room features some curious items such as a 1936 soapbox racer, a giant high wheeler Velocipede of the late 1800s, and a memorable giant string ball.

Peekskill Museum recently spearheaded the discovery of information that strongly suggests this area’s “yellow brick road” was a major contribution to the world of OZ literature and it has been covered on The CBS Morning Show.

These items and topics are why we are worthy of your time and membership support. We are located on Union Avenue, near downtown Peekskill so please take a look at our website and visit us. We look forward to sharing history with you.

Unfortunately it’s only open on Saturdays 1-3pm (Winter) and 1-4pm (Spring) so I was unable to go inside.

Taken with a Sony RX100 M3.

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