Cannon overlooking the Hudson River.

I recently went with a friend to Fort Montgomery.

According to the Fort Montgomery web site:

Fort Montgomery was the scene of a fierce Revolutionary War battle for control of the Hudson River. Visitors today can tour the remains of the 14-acre fortification, perched on a cliff overlooking the magnificent Hudson. On October 6, 1777, British, Loyalist and Hessian forces attacked Fort Montgomery and nearby Fort Clinton. The defending American Patriots, outnumbered 3 to 1, fought desperately until driven out of their forts at the points of the enemy bayonets. More than half of the Patriot forces were killed, wounded or captured.

Visitors can learn about this important military post at the site’s museum, which showcases original artifacts and weapons, large scale models of the fort and the attack, highly detailed mannequins frozen in poses of battle, and an action packed fifteen minute movie of the 1777 assault. Archeologists have revealed many of Fort Montgomery’s remains, including stone foundations of barracks, the gunpowder magazine and eroded redoubt walls. There is a spectacular view of the Hudson River from the Grand Battery, where reproduction cannon stand guard and are occasionally fired by the fort’s staff. The past comes alive at Fort Montgomery with living history demonstrations of artillery, musketry, music and camp life activities.

I’d been to Fort Montgomery before, but at that time the visitor’s center wasn’t open. This time of focused more on the visitor’s center and a few cannons that weren’t there the last time I visited.

The Redcoats are coming.

American Soldier.

Night of the Living Dead????

Another Cannon.

Still more cannons at the site of the Grand Battery.

For more on Fort Montgomery see:

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Fort Montgomery – Enlisted and Officers Barracks
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Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3

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