For some reason when we go out we tend to go either North in New York State (e.g to Dutchess County and points farther North) or South in New York State (e.g. to Westchester County and New York City). From time to time we go West (e.g. to Rockland, Orange Counties etc.). What we don’t generally do is go East i.e. into Connecticut. This is a little strange as there are lots of great places to visit in Connecticut (CT) and they’re often closer than some of the places we go in New York. And it’s not as if we need a passport to go to CT.

The time, however, we ventured East as my wife wanted to pick up something she’d found on Facebook Marketplace. So off to New Hartford, CT we went.

What she wanted can be seen in the picture above: it’s the pyramidal structure (now in our garden). Apparently it’s called a “tuteur” and stuff (e.g. clematis, roses etc. grow up and around it).

While we were there we took a look at New Harford, which has a ski area, some interesting old buildings, outdoor sculpture and picturesque views of the Farmington River.

According to

The town of New Hartford is located in eastern Litchfield County, in the northwest corner of the state. Settled in 1733 and incorporated in 1738, the town was part of the “Western Grant” given in 1686 to the proprietors of Hartford and Windsor. Early industry included farms and mills on the abundant waterways. The town is home to a portion of the Farmington River known as Satan’s Kingdom. In 1963 the Satan’s Ridge Ski Area opened and was later renamed Ski Sundown. The ski area is still in operation. New Hartford remains a quiet town, and the rural community consists of mostly homes and farms.

Taken with a Sony RX100 M3.

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