We went into New York City to see a production of what turned out to be an extremely good production of “Kiss Me Kate”. I was waiting for my wife in Grand Central Terminal – leaning on a railing at the top of an escalator. As I looked down it occurred to me to take a picture of the people on the escalator. There was also a small triangular area (top left in the pictures) where people would from time to time pass by. I wanted to include that too.

These two pictures are what I ended up with. The first one clearly show the two women on the escalator as well as the man passing by. However, it doesn’t give much sense of movement. The second also shows figures on the escalator and in the triangular area. It shows the movement much more, but I think it’s a bit too blurry and indistinct. I don’t think either of them is quite right, but I prefer the first one. If I had it to do again I think I’d try to come up with something in between: something that captures some of the movement (but not too much).

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3.

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