Well maybe I do care a little. It’s always good to get these things right and I’ve enjoyed the various posts outlining the history of the designations of Kodak Films. I’ve always referred to the format in question as ‘120’ and until reading these posts I hadn’t noticed that anyone referred to it as ‘120mm’ (I’m not disputing that some do, just that I’d never noticed).

However, there seems to be some sort of campaign at the moment to ensure that the heinous crime of referring to ‘120’ film as ‘120 mm’ is eradicated.

I read quite a few film photography blogs and it seems that I can’t look at one nowadays without seeing a post on this subject. Just a few examples:

I’m very grateful to all of these guys. Their blogs are great and I’ve learned a lot from all of them.

But enough is enough. Some of the posts refer to this as a crusade. If you want to wage a crusade do it for something meaningful e.g. Climate Change, Ending World Hunger, Reducing Child Mortality etc.

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