I initially had some problems with the camera. I inserted the film and pressed the shutter release to eject the dark slide. The slide started to move and then jammed. I told my Son-in-Law (it was his camera after all). He replaced the batteries (the camera had been standing for some time) and then tried some brute force. After some tugging the slide finally came out, but unfortunately the first picture came with it, so we lost a frame.

After that it was all plain sailing. Select the appropriate focus zone and then press the shutter release. The first couple of images suffered from light leaks (see picture above), but the rest were good.

What did I like about this camera? Honestly not much. It’s easy to use and there is something rather magical about seeing the image develop in your hands.

What didn’t I like. First it’s huge. Much larger than an SLR even if it is lighter. You’re not going to be putting this one in your pocket. The viewfinder is off to one side, far away from the lens so there are definite problems with framing. There aren’t many controls, but what there are are all off to one side so you pretty much have to take your eye off the viewfinder and turn the camera to see them (and some of them are not all that easy to see even then).

So while it was fun to use I wouldn’t seem myself using one of these long term: not enough controls for me and I didn’t particularly like the quality of the images much.

This last image was taken using the close up attachment which allows you to focus to 15 inches (so not really that close).

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