I think it’s fair to say that 2020 was not a good year. It started well enough with the final days of our trip to Switzerland (Geneva) and France (Paris) and then went downhill from there. In February I had some fairly serious surgery, which initially went well but later led to some complications, which while not too serious led a period (from February to August) where I didn’t feel up to going out and taking pictures. During this period, of course, the COVID Pandemic started which didn’t help matters. Eventually the health issues were sorted out (at least for now) and after some additional surgery I started to feel stronger. Then tragedy: my wife of 42 years passed away suddenly and unexpectedly after a very short (just over two weeks) illness.

Since that dreadful day in October however, I’ve been going out a lot, walking the dog and taking lots of pictures. In past years I’ve divided them into two separate posts: color pictures and black and white pictures. This year I haven’t used a single film camera (I do most of my film photography using black and white film). Moreover, I haven’t done many black and white conversions of my digital images. So it didn’t seem worthwhile to do two separate posts.

Above: Watching the Sun go down at Scarborough Station.

A building in White Plains.

Thanksgiving at Croton Point.

Clog wall at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

Stone Wall at Stone Barns Center.

Chapel, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

Mother and Child.

Spillway at Pocantico Lake.

Lonely tree at Stone Barns Center.

Fading Flowers.

Church in Peekskill by night.

Rockwood Hall at sundown.

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