I was sad to learn recently that my friend, Paul Savior had passed away.

I’ve posted pictures of him, his house and garden and even helped him do a photobook of old pictures for his children (See: Paul’s house; My friend Paul; One of Paul’s cats; and Paul and Family.

A recent communication from the Roaring Brook Lake Garden Club described him as follows: “We wanted to share with you the very sad news that longtime Garden Club member Paul Savior passed away on Friday. Paul had just celebrated his 90th birthday on August 16. He is survived by daughters Valerie and Allison. His daughters said the Garden Club meant a lot to him. Paul had an acting career that spanned over six decades, with roles in shows like Kojak, Mannix, General Hospital, and The Young and The Restless. And of course, starring roles at Tompkins Corner and Garrison Depot Theatre.

I have many memories of Paul, but a couple stand out. The first is of a one man show that he performed at the Tompkins Corners Cultural Center. The show consisted of readings from Edgar Allan Poe, one of Paul’s favorite authors. I don’t think I’d realized just how good a performer he was until I saw this. The second is of him driving around the lake in his midnight blue, convertible Jaguar, which seemed to fit his personality so perfectly.

RIP Paul. I’ll miss you.

Photos taken with a Sony RX-100 M1.

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