Island in a nearby pond. I’m fascinated by this pond. I’ve taken a lot of pictures of it. I’m thinking of doing a small photobook (or maybe a zine) of these pictures. With my usual lack of inspiration I was going to call it “The Pond”, but I was recently reading a book, which referenced another book by a much more famous photographer than me who also called one of his books “The Pond”. So if I do it I’m going to call it “The Pool”. This is in any case appropriate as that’s what it once was: a pool. It’s on the site of a grand resort hotel called the “Briarcliff Lodge” and apparently this was once its pool. Locals who have lived in the area much longer than I have (and I’ve been here for 23 years) maintain that if you were do dive into the water, go to the bottom, and scrape away the mud and you’d find tiles. For a while I’d thought that it might be possible to make a picture of this island, but unfortunately the background always seemed too cluttered. On this day, however, I was lucky that the early evening light was falling on the island and leaving the background in shadow.

Tamron Di III VXD A056SF 70-180mm f2.8.

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