Impressive table setting featuring beautiful tulips from the garden.

I loved the Easter bunny.

Of course there have to be Easter Get Cracking

The evening started with one of Marili’s wonderful cocktails. She’s a well known mixologist and her creations are always different and scrumptious. I was particularly fascinated by the ‘Guarapo de Piña’, a very refreshing drink made in this special vessel from fermented pineapple peel. It was delicious and very refreshing. In this case bourbon was also added. Yummy! The only problem was that it was so light and refreshing that you wanted to have more.

The pièce de résistance: Venezuelan Polvorosa de Pollo. The chef described it as: “This is the most amazing chicken pie you will ever taste. It’s a classic Venezuelan dish that dates back to colonial times. It has over 20 ingredients. And the dough is like a short bread. This was a two day event on my part, and we will be having it for the week. I followed the recipe of Armando Scannone the dean of Venezuelan cuisine, in his classic cookbook “Mi Cocina”. Delicious.

Another view of the Polvorosa de Pollo with its top crust on.

Polvorosa de Pollo with beans, eggs and plantains.

Taken with Apple iPhone 8II

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