I didn’t get interested in photography until around 1978 when my wife gave me a camera. I’m not sure why. I don’t recall every saying that I wanted one. But that was what started my passion for all things photographic: taking pictures; collecting photobooks; collecting vintage cameras etc.

However, long before that I had another passion…music. From about age 14-18 I loved to listen to music, but mostly I liked to play. I never thought of myself as particularly good, but I was good enough that I refer to myself as “semi professional”. What I mean by that is that I got paid, but not very much.

Around age 18 I went off to University and almost immediately afterwards to the US, got married and somehow even though I continue to listen to music my interest in playing receded.

A few months ago I sold one of my two houses and moved much of the contents down to the other house. It’s taken me ages to empty all of the moving boxes (I still haven’t emptied all of them). Recently I was emptying one of the boxes and I came across the instrument above. I haven’t touched it for over 40 years and I think starting to play again would be an insurmountable obstacle.

But who knows?

Taken with an Apple Iphone SE model 2.

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