Anyone who reads this blog will know about my fascination with bugs, particularly spiders, and especially jumping spiders. However, I’ve had difficulties both finding jumping spiders and taking pictures of them (they tend to…well…jump away before I can catch them).

So I was elated when I saw this tiny (no more than 1/8inch long) spider in my kitchen. Although I wasn’t entirely sure I suspected it was a jumping spider and prepared to take a picture (luckily I’d left a camera with a macro lens in the kitchen). I’ve taken close up pictures of spiders from above, usually as they’re moving quickly away from me. So I haven’t managed to get a picture of them head on. This time I determined to do just that.

Strangely the spider didn’t seem inclined to run/jump away. It just stood there looking at me. Jumping spider have incredible eyesight and if you move say to the left they will reorient their body to follow you. The only other bug I’ve come across that does that is the Praying Mantis. The mantis doesn’t even move it’s body. It just turns it’s articulated head towards you – quite spooky. Anyway spiders don’t have articulated heads, so just turn their entire body. Still rather unnerving though.

It’s not the best picture I’ve ever taken, but I’m pleased that I finally managed to get a picture of a jumping spider, my all time favorite bug.

Taken with a Sony A77II and Minolta 50mm f2.8 Macro lens

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