I’ve already posted a few times about the oriental stone lanterns that are scattered around my village: Briarcliff Manor.


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A visit to Merestead – The first lantern
A visit to Merestead – The second lantern

Until today we (The Briarcliff Manor-Scarborough Historical Society) have been talking about there being six lanterns in the village and two more, which we knew were connected to Briarcliff Manor because of the relationship (they were partners in the W.J.Sloane furniture and rug story) between Walter Law, the founder of Briarcliff Manor and William Sloane, the owner of Merestead, the site of the two lanterns. That brought the total to eight in all.

Or so we thought…

A while ago we heard a rumor that there was another lantern if not precisely in Briarcliff (it’s actually just across the border in Ossining). Today we went to look and lo and behold there it was (see picture above), standing in a the garden of a private home – clearly visible from the road. We don’t know anything about its history yet. Nor do we know if it’s in any way connected to the other lanterns. For all we know it could be a modern lantern. Nobody seemed to be at the house so we were unable to get any further information. We’ll try to follow up.

For more information on the lanterns please visit the Briarcliff Manor Web Site and read: The Story of the Stone Lanterns

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