Ruined stone buildings along the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail

I came across these overgrown, ruined buildings while walking along the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail. The bars make them look something like a jail, but I don’t suppose they were. Bars can, of course be used to keep people out too. Maybe something valuable was once kept inside. Judging from their location they are in some way connected with the Lenoir Preserve or one of the mansions (Lenoir Mansion, Ardenwold) that stand/stood there.

Taken with a Fuji X-E1 and Fuji XC 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 OSS II

Alder Manor – The Gardens

The gardens contain a number of statues along with various bits and pieces of broken stonework. I found myself asking if it was broken because of age and the general dilapidation of the property or was it made to look that way to give the gardens the “romantic” look that was very popular at one time.

Above the entrance to the property from the adjoining Lenoir Preserve, which was once the site of two mansions: The Lenoir Mansion (which still survives) built between 1850 and 1870 for future presidential candidate Samuel J. Tilden and the Duell-Stillwell mansion, Ardenwold, which burned down at some point.

Intact Urn on a pedestal.

Its twin, the urn now lying broken on the ground.

A Greek theater. Plays and other types of entertainment were once performed here.

Another tiled pool. On the left you can make out a wall with a relief on it. This is one of seven or eight on this wall, most of them in quite poor condition.

Taken with a Fuji X-E1 and Fuji XC 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 OSS II