A tale of two ceiling fans

Here the fan is a secondary player. I was lying on the sofa in our living room reading and I happened to look up. I was struck by the pattern of light cast by a table lamp onto the ceiling. The fan just adds a bit of visual variety to the image.

Again a chance image. I was having lunch at a nearby restaurant: Holy Smoke – it’s a great barbecue place with a large selection of beers, many of which I’d never heard of. I was waiting for my food to arrive and playing with my camera. I glanced around to see if there was anything “picture worthy”. Eventually I looked up and saw the fan with its static light fixtures and spinning blades. It took a few different shutter speeds before I got the kind of blur that I wanted.

Baxter Cemetery abandoned in the woods

The old abandonned Baxter cemetery. 48 graves, the earliest dating to 1820. It’s less than 10 minutes walk from the house – in the woods between Lake Shore Road and the Taconic Parkway. It’s not so easy to find. At first there’s a bit of a path, but eventually you end up just “bushwacking” through the woods until you bump into it (or not. Luckily I did). Apparently three Revolutionary War veterans are buried here. It’s a bit spooky. Not the kind of place to go up to on a dark and stormy night. Not that I would go up there after dark (I probably wouldn’t find it and would likely break a leg falling over a dead tree) The old cemetery seems even more spooky in “antique” looking black and white

Around the lake – some black and whites

As is often the case I took these while walking the dog one day. I didn’t have too many winter pictures so I thought I’d take a few before all of the snow and ice disappeared. The first one is of ‘Children’s Beach’, one of several beaches around the lake. In summer it’s often full of people swimming, boating etc. Kind of desolate in winter though. I liked the boat in the foreground and the tracks across the icy snow.

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In and around Carmel, NY

Wikipedia has this to say about Carmel:

Carmel is a town in Putnam County, New York, USA. As of the 2010 census, the town had a population of 34,305.
The town of Carmel is on the south border of Putnam County. There are no incorporated villages in the town, although the hamlets of Carmel and Mahopac each have populations sizable enough to be thought of as villages…The town was settled around 1740 by George Hughson.

The picture above is of the Sybil Luddington Statue. I had never heard of her, but apparently she’s Putnam County’s Paul Revere. On April 26, 1777 the British were burning Danbury, Connecticut. Sybil, aged 16, rode all night through Putnam County warning of the imminent arrival of the British. She’s buried in Maple Avenue Cemetery, Patterson, NY.
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