Tarrytown Reservoir

As I recall this was taken in the early days of my camera collecting (September, 2011 I think) with a Zorki 4 rangefinder camera and a 50mm f/2 Jupiter-8 Former Soviet Union lens – one of the earlier chrome models. I believe the film used was Kodak T-MAX 400, but I’m not entirely sure. I believe this to be so because I have a note saying that it is. However, it doesn’t look to me like a picture taken with a Jupiter-8. It looks to me more like the other lens I was using around that time: an Industar 61.

Tarrytown reservoir

This was taken in the early days of my camera collecting. As I recall it was taken with a Zorki 4 rangefinder camera with a Industar 61 55mm f2.8 (not the L/D version) lens. I don’t recall what film was used other than that it wasn’t Kodak Professional BW400CN. I remember this quite clearly because I hadn’t realized (it was a long time since I’d used film) that places like CVS could not process this film (which at the time I found odd as they had sold it to me). I do recall that it was ISO 400 film so it was probably either Tri-X or TMAX.

Another oldie – Zorki 4

Along with the FED 2 I got a Zorki 4: another FSU Leica II copy. The first time I used it turned into quite a saga. I went to the city and lost a roll because of a problem rewinding (I didn’t fully understand how to do it and tore the film out of the cartridge). Then I thought there was a problem with the camera (there wasn’t there was a problem with the operator again). Anyway I put another film in. Everything seemed to go fine. I dropped it off at CVS and went away for an hour and then went back to pick up the results. Only to find that the CVS guy said that they couldn’t process the film. My first reaction was “then why do you sell it. Or why, at least, do you not have a sign saying that you don’t process it”. I guess I should be grateful. If he had processed it the film would have been ruined.

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