Memorial Day in Briarcliff Manor 2023 – Lt. John Kelvin Koelsch Memorial

Briarcliff Manor’s Own medal of honor winner. During the Korean War, Lt.John Kelvin Koelsch volunteered to take his helicopter and rescue a pilot downed in North Korea. Unfortunately, just as he was picking up the pilot his helicopter was shot down. He, his Aviation Machinist’s Mate (ADM), and the downed pilot survived and managed to evade capture for several days, but eventually they were caught. His ADM and the downed pilot survived the war, but unfortunately Koelsch did not. He died in captivity from malnutrition and dysentery in 1951 and his remains were subsequently returned to the US. For his bravery and sacrifice President Eisenhower posthumously awarded him the Medal of Honor on 3 August 1955.

For more about Lt. Koelsch, how for years even though he grew up in Briarcliff, he was largely forgotten. And how his sacrifice was finally honored with this memorial see Briarcliff Manor’s Own Medal of Honor winner on the Briarcliff Manor-Scarborough website.

Taken with a Sony A7IV and Rokinon/Samyang AF 24-70 f2.8 F