Street Photography

Maybe this is not what’s generally thought of as street photography. But it is a photograph of a street…and not just any street. This picture was taken on 42nd Street, New York City, directly across from Grand Central Terminal.

Taken with a Sony Nex 5n and Sony E 16mm f2.8

Aerial camera

A Facebook friend posted the above picture along with the comment: ‘That “serious” feeling when you put down your smartphone and pick up a real camera…’ Although he’s a camera aficianado he didn’t mention what camera it was. After searching around on the internet for a while I found a number of instances where this picture appeared and in them it was referred to as a “Kodak K-24 US Air Force Camera with Aero-Ektar f2.5, 178 mm, 5×5 lens”. I posted this information to a vintage camera Facebook group to which I belong and was soon informed that this was not the case. One member joked “I am fairly sure that is either not a K24 or the man is about 3 feet tall.” Apparently the K24 is a much smaller camera than this one. The post elicited quite a few comments, many of them quite funny, but eventually one of the members solved the puzzle.

The camera is a Fairchild K-17.

Obviously I didn’t take the picture, nor do I know who did.

Revolving door

While my wife was taking an exercise class I walked the dog around her club’s parking lot. In a distant corner I came across a disembodied revolving door. Seemed like a strange place for it! Portal to another dimension? Did The Doctor finally manage to get his chameleon circuit working?

Taken with an iPhone 5s.