A long walk home – A really big rock

A short way down the Old Sleepy Hollow Trail I took a diversion to the right along Nature’s Way Trail. It took me to this enormous rock. It’s really big. Take a look at the last picture where I asked some passers-by to stand in front of it to provide a sense of scale

According to Atlas Obscura (which provides additional information) it’s a:

…20-foot-high glacial erratic. One can’t help to notice the sweeping grey, blue, and brown striations that wind their way around this boulder’s 65-foot circumference; often interrupted by jagged edges and deep gouges.

A glacial erratic is a rock that has been transported by a glacier, and are sometimes used to track glacial movement. This giant piece of gneiss, which is estimated to be more than 600 million-years-old, didn’t always stand among the aged trees of the park. It was dragged down from the peaks of the Hudson Highlands by the southward flow of the Late Wisconsin continental glacier thousands of years ago.

A Rear View


Caroline Curvan also has an interesting article on her fantastic: Ossining History on the Run Blog: An Erratic in Our Midst.

Taken in early April 2023 with a Sony R1 and fixed Sony 24-120 f2.8-4.8