Some of my favorite pictures of 2022 – Black and White

Queen Anne’s Lace. 25 January.

Triple Arch Bridge, Rockefeller State Park. 17 February.

Statuette in a friend’s house. August 16th.

View from my bedroom. March 12.

Spanish American War Memorial, Yonkers, NY. March 23.

Tree across from my house. January 17.

Feeding pigeons in Washington Square Park. June 3.

Dandelion seeds. July 1,

Chrysler Building by night. September 13.

Skull light fixture. September 9.

Something of an experiment – Feet in Manhattan (first version)

I’d been walking around in Manhattan for some time and was starting to feel tired. My feet in were hurting so I sat down on a bench and as I was sitting there I noticed all the people walking by and thought it might be interesting to take some pictures of their feet – essentially anything I could get without getting up from my seat. This is the result.

Taken with a Fuji X-E3 and Fuji XF 18mm f2 R.

In Manhattan. Some street photography

In Manhattan. Some street photography. Phones galore!

Above: Sneaky glance. Don’t tell the wife/girlfriend

On the phone

Cyclist. Again on the phone

Woman on phone in front of a Black Lives Matter mural

Union Square Park. More people on phones.

Couldn’t resist this one. This guy is not only not browsing on his phone, he’s actually reading a – gasp…book, a real life actual paper based book.

Union Square Park. Feeding the pigeons. Few phones in sight.

Folk music is alive in Union Square Park. I guess it’s too hard to play the guitar, sing and browse on your phone at the same time.

Taken with a Fuji X-E3, Fuji XC 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 OSS II and Fuji XF 18mm f2 R