View of the Hudson from the site of the former Rockefeller Mansion. Tappan Zee bridge in the background.

Back down in Westchester County. I had a bad experience earlier in the week. We went for a walk at Wonder Lake. It would have been a very nice walk except that we didn’t make it to the lake. I tripped over a tree root, fell and hit my nose on another root. There was blood everywhere. The worst of it was that I was in the middle of the woods and it took me about thirty minutes to get back to the car. By then the bleeding had more or less stopped. I’d also broken my glasses: one of the side arms came off, but luckily the lenses were intact so I was still able to use them. I thought at first that I’d broken my nose, but apparently not. Just another large cut – one of many I’ve accumulated over the years.

So today I decided to go somewhere flatter, less covered in roots and stones. Rockwood Hall seemed to fit the bill. We walked down the Old Croton Aqueduct and then turned off towards the Hudson and the site of the former Rockerfeller Mansion. Little now remains: just the foundations (with a great view of the Hudson) and a number of impressive trees.

Nice walk – about two hours in all.

Ventilator on the Old Croton Aqueduct

Approaching the mansion foundations.

Old staircase.

Staircase to nowhere.

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