Film Camera 2019/4 – Canon Sureshot Owl

This wasn’t supposed to be my next film camera. I had hoped to use a recently acquired Minolta Maxxum 7. In fact I was actually rather excited to use it, but unfortunately it was dead on arrival (See: A couple of Ebay experiences for more info).

So I reached for the nearest film camera. It turned out to be a Canon Sureshot Owl, which was one of a number of old point and shoot cameras given to me by a neighbor a while back (See: A bag full of cameras). One of the reasons I selected it was because it already had a film in it.

It’s a very basic, point and shoot camera with little in the way of controls. There’s a review of it here: The Canon Sure Shot Owl / Prima AF-7. I probably would not have paid much attention to if it weren’t for one thing: it has a really huge, clear and bright viewfinder. As the review states:

The first thing that strikes you about this camera is the viewfinder: it is bright and beautiful! It is a really great viewfinder.

I guess this quote also from the review just about sums it up:

Shooting the camera, for a modern DSLR user, takes some getting used to. Firstly, there is nothing to do except point the camera and press the shutter button. There is no feedback from the camera on what is happening. You don’t know what shutter speed was used, you don’t know what f/stop was used, and you don’t know what focal distance was used. Very disconcerting for someone used to controlling every aspect of the process.

So a fairly typical point and shoot camera. Off we go. Results to follow.


A couple of Ebay experiences

I recently had a couple of very different ebay experiences.

The first was very positive and relates to the camera above. I’m very fond of Minolta cameras and have several. I came across a listing for a Minolta Maxxum 7 and 28-80mm lens at a very attractive price. It was shipped quickly and when it arrived I tried it and everything seemed fine. Then I turned it off and tried again. This time I got an error message. Turned it off. Turned it on. Again everything seemed fine. Pressed the shutter release. Error. After ‘googling’ a bit I discovered that this is a known problem. Apparently there’s a small plastic part that breaks. It’s essentially unfixable as the parts are no longer available. So I communicated with the seller telling him that the camera, advertised as working, in fact wasn’t and giving him the information I’d found on the web. After a couple of messages over a few hours he sent me a message apologizing and saying that he would refund my money (including the shipping). Since the camera was non functional I shouldn’t send it back, and I should keep the lens for my inconvenience (which was a nice thought even if I already had two or three of these lenses, purchased with Minolta bodies I wanted).

What a wonderful experience!

The second – not so much. A large piece of metal fell off our cooktop hood and fell on a blue and white china spoon holder and broke it. My wife was a little upset so I decided to see if I could find something suitable on ebay. Eventually I found a nice, vintage delft blue and white spoon holder that I felt sure she would like. So I purchased and paid for it. Time (about three weeks) went by and nothing was received so I contacted the seller to ask what the status was. He replied: “I’m sending it now I haven’t had any help until now so sorry for the inconvience (sic)”. Ok, fair enough. More time went by so I contacted the seller again. This time he replied: “I can’t ship this item for $2.16”. $2.16 was the advertised amount. I contacted him again asking what price he could ship it for. No response. All this time the item was marked as shipped even though it hadn’t been. Finally I sent a formal request through ebay. This time the seller responded: “The item has been stolen that’s why it never got shipped. And PayPal is holding my money”. I responded that this wasn’t my problem and that he should refund my money. After waiting the required amount of time I requested ebay resolve this and they very quickly refunded my money. So in the end all’s well that ends well. Not such a pleasant experience though. I’ve been using ebay for several years and this is the first such experience I’ve had.

That Minolta camera is lovely though. I’ve still got my eye out for one.

Jubilee Celebration

It’s Spring, time for planting and my wife has been acquiring new roses. This is particularly so because she has located some good local sources for David Austin roses. He was the great guru of roses. Recently deceased his company continues the tradition.

This one is called “Jubilee Celebration” and according to the David Austin website:

We were honored to name this rose in commemoration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee. The large, domed flowers are a lovely rich pink with tints of soft gold on the underside of the petals, each bloom being elegantly held well above the foliage. Despite the size of the flowers, they are produced with exceptional freedom and continuity. The growth is vigorous, building up into a fine shrub. Very healthy and reliable. It has attractive, glossy foliage. The scent of the young flower is almost pure lemon zest, later becoming a delicious, fruity rose fragrance with hints of fresh lemon and raspberry. Excellent throughout the US including the challenging hot and humid climate of the south east.

It’s just emerging from its bud.

Taken with a Sony A77II and newly acquired Minolta Maxxum AF Macro 50mm f2.8.