Why photographs work

Why Photographs Work by George Barr.

A summary on the rear cover reads:

Every photographer, from weekend enthusiast to professional, can learn by studying the “greats.” In Why Photographs Work, author/photographer George Barr analyzes 52 striking images by some of the world’s top photographers. Accompanying Barr’s analysis of each image is an explanation by the photographer describing the circumstances of making the image, including not only the how, but also the why. Also included is each photographer’s biography, a reference to his or her websites and publications, and brief technical descriptions of the equipment used in making each image.

We guidance from Barr, we learn to decipher that certain intangible “something” that makes an image go beyond the ordinary. As we gain an understanding of and appreciation for the elements that make an image truly great, we are bound to improve our own images as well.

I haven’t come across this particular format before and I rather like it. At times I found the author’s contributions to be a little “arty”, but still interesting. I particularly like the photographers’ viewpoint. It’s great to hear the rationale behind the photograph.

Blue and White and Roses

My wife runs a Facebook group devoted to blue and white pottery. She also loves to grow roses and is an active participant in a number of groups related to them. From time to time she combines the two and then asks me to take pictures of the result.

Chinese tulipière with roses that are still blooming: The Fairy & Auguste Renoir.

Taken with a Sony A77 II and Tamron A18 AF 18-250mm f3.5-6.3

A walk around Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow. Horsefeathers

I’d been walking around for a while and it was a hot day so I decided it was time for some refreshment. I went Horsefeathers. I’d read that they have a great selection of beer and had been meaning to visit for some time.

It’s a very pleasant place with lots booths and dark wood. Some might find it a little dark, but I found it cozy.

Interesting mural featuring famous writers.

My lunch. Barbecue’d pulled pork. It was very good. Better than I thought it would be.

My wife joined me for dessert. She had bread pudding with ice cream and I had Bailey’s bread pudding, also with ice cream

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3.